There are a vast number of walks near Rowleth End.

Here are a selection, arguably the finest, of differing length and strenuosity.

Guest are welcome to borrow copies of all these walks (including detailed descriptions of the route)
in pocket sized, waterproofed booklets.




Although short, this walk includes all the characteristics of the northern part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Beginning in a compact stone built village, it continues through pastures with dry stone walling to explore the remnants of the once extensive lead mining industry. The walk concludes with a pleasant section through deciduous woodland alongside Arkle Beck, one of the tributaries of the River Swale.

Distance: 2.5 milesTime: 1.5 hrmap

Arkle Beck

Arkle Beck from Reeth


Distance: 3.25 milesTime: 1.75hrmap

Stream above Gunnerside

Gunnerside Gill v1

The pull up from Gunnerside might stretch the calf muscles, but it's grand, and the walking is fairly easy after that - and more than worth the effort.

Distance: 4.25 miles Time: 2.5 hmap

Muker village

Muker & Ivelet Bridge

This lovely walk begins with a pleasant stroll through riverside meadows in a beautiful part of Upper Swaledale, visits the most graceful bridge over the Swale, continues for a short excursion into Oxnop Gill and returns through the fields to Muker.

Distance: 5.5 miles Time: 2.5 hmap

Surrender Bridge Smelt Mill

Great Pinseat from Surrender Bridge

The moors to the north of Upper Swaledale were once home to large scale mining. it is still possible to appreciate the massive scale of this activity and this walk provides a useful introduction. In addition the route provides an easy to follow route visiting the summit of Great Pinseat, which offers grand views of the surrounding countryside.

Distance: 5.5 miles Time: 2.5 hrmap

Kisdon Force

Circuit of Kisdon Hill


Distance: 5.5 miles Time: 2.75 hrmap

Blakethwaite Mine

Gunnerside Gill v2

This walk takes you up one of the longest and narrowest side valleys in Swaledale, where you pass much evidence of lead mining, the mines in the Gill being some of the most profitable in Swaledale.

Distance: 6 miles Time: 3 hrmap

Swinner Gill

Swinner Gill


Distance: 8.5 milesTime: 4.5 hrmap

Botcher Gill Nook

Gunnerside & Surrender Bridge

This superb walk is full of interest. It is a varied expedition and includes woodland, open moor and considerable interesting remains of the once vibrant lead mining industry.

Distance: 10.3 milesTime: 5 hrmap

Tan Hill Inn

Keld to Tan Hill

England 's highest pub lies 1,732 feet (528m) above sea level. It has an attraction which extends far beyond the Yorkshire Dales. There is always a cheerful welcome and a fire burns continuously in the bar.

Distance: 10.5 miles Time: 5 hrmap


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